Teachers Are Struggling to Gain Control of Their Classrooms… And Are Fleeing the Educational Field in Droves…There Is A Nationwide Teacher Retention Crisis.


But it doesn’t have to be this way in your school or district. Request training for your group.

Stop Teacher Turnover and Keep Your Educators In The Classroom with
Culture-Focused Teaching (CFT)

Provide Professional Development on Classroom Management to Reach the Most Difficult Students in the Toughest Classrooms

Culture-Focused Teaching is a step-by-step system to help teachers create a cooperative classroom culture that makes difficult students receptive to learning. 

How can the CFT help teachers at
YOUR school?

  • Do you want to minimize the number of classroom disruptions, referrals, and suspensions within your school?
  • Is your faculty in need of a serious morale boost?
  • Are your teachers overwhelmed, exhausted, and struggling to connect with behaviorally challenging or special needs students?
  • Do you want faculty to have the energy and focus to give 100% of their time to teaching instead of addressing misbehavior?
  • Would you like teachers to have explicit training in effective classroom management, prioritization, and student communication?
  • Do you need practical PD for increasing teacher retention, student learning and behavior outcomes, and parental involvement?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, click here to request live training from Dr. Dee Bell Williams, nationally certified teacher trainer and creator of Culture-Focused teaching.

***In-Person and Online Workshop options are available.


What Is Culture-Focused Teaching?

Culture-Focused Teaching (CFT) is the only classroom management system that shows teachers step-by-step how to create a cooperative classroom culture that naturally and effectively curbs disruptive behavior.

CFT helps teachers create a welcoming environment for all students, lowers educator stress, and provides strategies for partnering with administration for effective classroom management.

The Research Behind the
Culture-Focused Teaching Method

The pioneering Culture-Focused Teaching Method was developed by Dr. Dee Bell Williams, nationally certified teacher trainer, best-selliing author and educational consultant. She developed CFT to transform frustrated teachers and educational professionals into  “Difference-Makers” and champions for all students in the classroom. 

With close to 50% of teachers leaving the field after only 5 years , growing racial disparities and teachers citing student misbehavior as a top frustration, she created the Culture-Focused Teaching Method and online programs to help implement it, as an answer to this crisis.

Dr. Bell-Williams developed Classroom Management Mastery training program for teachers leveraging her 17+ years of experience in the classroom and 10 years of experience as an educational consultant, leadership consultant, and instructional coach.

She possesses an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Administration. She has empowered teafchers in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America as a global educator. Through speaking, teacher training and online courses,  she advocates for student success by helping teachers, principals, and superintendents of education be more effective. Click here to learn more about her work in educational training and advocacy. 

If you are a district or school with a strong imbalance between non-minority teacher and minority students, you need your staff needs the CFT-based Classroom Management Mastery training program.


Each of the 5 CFT based Classroom Management Mastery modules supports teachers in a different yet critical focus area.

Module 1 Keys to An Effective Classroom Climate

Teachers get fast ways to calm classroom chaos create positive change in their classrooms. They also learn about common mistakes they are likely making, which unknowingly encourage misbehavior.

Module 2- How to Build a Classroom Culture That Works

Be intentional about classroom organization management, and procedures

Module 3- How to Maintain Control of Your Classroom

Educators learn how to engage low-level misbehavior in a way that minimizes classroom disruption, develop consistency in discipline, and how to distinguish and deal with issues of bad behavior vs. mental health. 

Module 4- Discovering Your Classroom Superpower

In this module, teachers learn how to overcome common teaching fears and unconscious biases that unknowingly create problems in the classroom. Educators will be empowered and encouraged as they learn to leverage their natural strengths to be more effective teachers and build a cooperative classroom culture.

Module 5- Partnering with Leadership About Classroom


In this reflective module, teachers learn how to collaborate with school leadership and administrators to help improve their classrooms.

Classroom Management Mastery training members pay a one-time fee and have indefinite access to a online course in culture-focused classroom management, including personalized support.

The goal is NOT to give teachers more classroom tactics, but rather help teachers to develop a cohesive self-sustaining system that naturally builds a cooperative classroom culture that works for both the teacher and the students.

Understanding how to create a cooperative classroom culture reduces teacher burnout and stress, increases teaching time, minimizes student misbehavior, and improves retention and long-term career prospects by creating a positive teaching experience.

Educators have ongoing support in changing their mindset and classroom management habits, so they can create cooperative and inclusive classrooms of active learners, instead of doing things the way they’ve always been done.

Although the Classroom Management Mastery training program is best for K-12 and university instructors in the United States, the materials are not tied to a specific curriculum or set of standards.  The training’s resources are designed to be applicable to teachers’ work throughout their careers, regardless of the grade level or subject area they instruct.

What makes the CMM an effective PD option?

Easy-to-use membership site

Each teacher has an individual login and password. Simply click to the topic/week you’re, watch the video,  then download that week’s PDF or resources.

Customized professional development

Members are guided step-by-step as they examine every aspect of their work in order to streamline and systematize. They are encouraged to read (or listen to) a variety of strategies and select one which meets their needs and their students’ needs.

Self-reflection and improvement tools

A PD log is provided to help members document their progress and reflect on how their teaching has changed.

Collaboration and coaching through an online PLN

Classroom Management Mastery members have a high quality Personal Learning Network included with their membership: they can check into a private Facebook group to ask questions and share resources. Specific discussions related to classroom management strategies are also held the group.

Documentation of learning for professional development credits

Members typically spend 1-2 hours per week reflecting on their teaching practice and planning ways to improve. Since this is a 5 week program, a certificate for up to 10 continuing education hours can be issued.

How to purchase

Group licensing for schools is available for ANY number of teachers. It’s payable via credit/debit card or check. To begin the process of creating a purchase order (you can pay immediately or later), click the button below.

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All licenses are non-transferrable, meaning your teachers keep their access to the membership site and discussion community no matter what or where they teach in future years. If you bring more staff on board (either for the current school year, or in future school years) and wish to purchase additional licenses, you can do that at any time.

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